Conference Lineup

Going Beyond the Numbers

The state of employment for English speakers in Québec

PERT’s research has shown that English speakers trail behind their French counterparts in employment and income. The latest Census data shows us that these trends have worsened.

Panelists will discuss what is contributing to these gaps while also providing a better picture of which English-speakers are facing employment and income challenges.

Community Partnerships for Effective Service Delivery

Québec’s regions face particular labour market challenges. This is especially true for English speakers living in the regions. It is therefore crucial to develop adaptable programs that can be tailored to each region's needs.

Panelists will share insights obtained from RDN's recent Employment Strategy initiative, and discuss the challenges, and opportunities that arise when developing effective community partnerships.

English-speaking Quebecers and Québec’s Public Service

English speakers have been underrepresented in Québec’s public service for decades. This panel will dive into some of the challenges and opportunities involved in attempting to meaningfully increase the diversity of workers in Québec’s public sector.

Vision of the Way Forward

Employability solutions for the English-speaking community

While higher unemployment and lower-incomes for English speakers in Quebec are not new, our approaches to dealing with them must be.

In this panel, our experts will look at the ways to develop and implement solutions to improve employment outcomes for Québec’s English speakers.

Experiential Learning and the Future of Workforce Development

Experiential learning opportunities play a vital role in equipping students for the workforce and fostering the development of a robust, adaptable, and thriving Québec.

In this panel, our experts will discuss the role of the post-secondary sector in unlocking Québec's economic potential while sharing their perspectives on how experiential learning opportunities can effectively prepare students for the workforce, while also contributing to the creation of a resilient and prosperous Québec.

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